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Transformational Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Master Class


  • Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana                        28 – 31 May 2018 / 06 - 10 August 2018

    Silver Star Casino Hotel, Johannesburg, S.A      04 – 08 June 2018 / 20 – 24 August 2018

    Novotel London West, Hammersmith, U.K          18 – 22 June 2018 / 03 - 07 September 2018

    Movenpick Hotel, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai, UAE                                                                  28 – 31 May 2018 / 06 - 10 August 2018

    Park Hotel Clarke Quay, Singapore                           23 – 27 July 2018 / 01 - 05 October 2018


Master-Class Overview

Increased complexity and pace of change all over the world is forcing organizations, businesses and governments to transform the way they operate and the way they compete for and deliver value. Huge investment must be made to build transformational leadership capacity of our leaders with high emotional intelligence that builds sustained growth and outstanding performance consistently. In business domain, ultimately the developments of transformational leaders will lead to the development of a transformational culture of excellence which will transcend the individuals concerned and grow a participative organization for sustainable and prosperous present and future. Transformational leadership and Emotional Intelligence leverage 4 components proven to impact high performance. Emotional Intelligence of leaders established as key to outstanding leadership and confers a significant performance advantage on effective leaders. This Master-Class on Transformational leadership and Emotional Intelligence provides insights on how to become an Emotionally Intelligent Transformational Leader for outstanding performance.


Leaders today face common concerns as how to lead transformation, how to deliver sustained performance and growth consistently in the face of fast changing business environment, integrate new and ground breaking technologies and develop the next generation of leaders; yet accomplishing these important goals requires not only the acquisition of skills, but also a significant increase in self-awareness and capacity to lead.


This 5 days Master –Class is highly experiential learning methodology that offers hands-on practice in transformational leadership. It makes extensive use of exercises, case studies, real examples and high interactive participation.

Course Objectives

• Examine how transformational leadership and emotional intelligence are essentials to managers/leaders in the 21st Century
• Understand how to lead with certainty in complex environment
• Diagnose and evaluate leadership assumptions and implications for your leadership behaviors as well as your practice of leadership in everyday situations
• Identify the characteristics and grasp the skills associated with transformational leadership and emotional intelligence
• Increase your impact and influence through Systematic Awareness and Flexibility.
• Learn how to transform managers into transformational leaders and inspire organizational innovation
• Gain greater self-awareness, personal impact and confidence in your own strengths.
• Review models of leadership and understand the role of transformational leaders in different types of situations.
• Connect with other leaders to share experiences, learn from each other and challenge yourself to lead in an inspiring manner and achieve your potential as a leader.
• Create a personalized leadership development plan that will enable you hone your skills for a lifetime of leadership and professional success.
• Become Alumnus of Alica where Alica will continue to support and coach you to excel in your leadership journey.


The program is for line managers, middle management and senior level executives who aspire to become transformational leaders i.e. Managers, Senior Managers, Deputy Directors, Directors, Team leaders, Senior Government Appointees or Officials, CEOs, MDs, DGs etc.

COURSE MODULES will include:

The Business world

• Global trends in leadership and Business

Fundamentals of Leadership

• Introduction and nature of leadership
• Power of Influence
• Approaches to Leadership
• Keys to Leadership Priorities
•Expectations of Leadership

Essential leadership skills &Styles

• Self-assessment; identify the strengths
• How to develop a more powerful leadership style and exemplify integrity
• Leadership personality: What`s hard-wired? What can be learned?

Management vrs Leadership

•Understanding Management and leadership
•Difference between Managers and Leaders
- Individualized Consideration
- Inspirational Motivation
- Intellectual Stimulation
•Transformational Leadership vrs
Organizational Performance
•Transformational vrs Transactional leadership styles

Ethics, Values and Transformational leadership

Why ethics and values so Important?
What is meant by ethics?
What is meant by Values?
How do you assess leaders against ethics and values?

Insights into Emotional Intelligence

• What is Emotional Intelligence? - The difference between IQ and EQ
• Navigating emotions in the workplace
• Learning to lead with the heart not just the head
• How to develop and enhance your Emotional Intelligence

Communication in Leadership

•Communication-Communicating with Power
•Types of Leadership communication styles
• 3 Vital communication skills for making employee feel valued.

Defining Transformational Leadership& Demonstrating the Need for it

What is a leader, a transformational leader and a manager?
• Limits of leadership versus followership
• Elements of Transformational leadership
- Visionary leadership
- Ethical Leadership
- Servant leadership
• Component of Transformational leadership (4Is)
- Idealized Influence
• How to get results with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

• Fundamental components of EI- Self Awareness, Self- Consciousness and Relationship Management
• Consciousness of Self
• Consciousness of Others
• Consciousness of Context

Techniques to accelerate Individual Performance

•Five successful coaching techniques
•How to recognize and remove workplace barriers that impede innovation
•The Situational Leadership Model

How to be a Transformational Leader

•What determines a transformational leader?
•How to develop a transformational leader`s personality

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